There is nothing more exciting than buying your first place or making that lifestyle change to downsize into a condominium. A condominium as a shared living environment may offer its unit-owners the following benefits such as a potential social environment, added security and living costs becoming more fixed in nature.

On the flip side, as a former condominium auditor I’ve seen negative issues crop up for unit-owners such as the property manager not being transparent enough to infighting amongst the board members. This could potentially be a big problem because the perception of “trust” and those entrusted with the powers to make decisions on behalf of the unit-owners, could be very fragile.

A condominium is its own living organism with a multitude of moving parts and it is these parts that must be understood, analyzed and fine tuned for purposes of ensuring the “well oiled machine” functions properly.

During the Annual General Meetings that I attended, many times I was asked difficult and pointed questions that sometimes I was not even privy to the information, as I truly only dealt with the numbers of the condo corporation. During those four years (approximately), I was able to see patterns in how condo corporations were being run and sometimes they were not being run on a pro-active basis but rather on a REACTIVE basis.

As a Real Estate Broker, I now have the luxury of being in a peculiar place in that I have been exposed to the “inner workings of a condominium” which not too many people have had the opportunity to witness. As a result of this exposure, it has provided me with a stepping stone to both educate and help my clients make a better informed decision when buying or selling a condominium.

Over these years I have developed strong business relationships with condominium property managers, condominium lawyers, other industry professionals and contractors. What this translates into is “knowledge” and “specialization” which allows me to better serve my clients and to educate customers and the general public.

Remember, DIFLAV knows condos and my specialization in this niche area of real estate coupled with the strong industry relationships that I have formed, have positioned me to better serve my clients.