Bob Aaron is a sole practitioner real estate lawyer that specializes in the areas of real estate, wills and estates, corporate and commercial law and landlord/tenant law. He is a frequent media guest on radio and television and has appeared on several segments on CBC-TV Marketplace and CBC Radio “The Current”. Since May 2000, he has written more than 600 Title Page Columns (now called Property Law) on Saturdays in the New in Homes section of the Toronto Star, and for more than 35 years wrote the Coins and Stamps columns in the Star. Below are some of the articles (unedited format) that he has published in the Toronto Star.

John Di Flaviano is a Real Estate Broker working in a family owned real estate brokerage Belfield Realty Limited, Brokerage which brokerage has been in operation since 1971. His areas of specialty are in condominiums, homes and also farm and rural properties. As a former condominium auditor for about four years in a mid-sized public accounting firm he has gained invaluable experience as an auditor to understand the inner workings and complexities of “condo living”. If you need the guidance of a specialist in this niche area of real estate, make sure you have the “right” person in your corner to provide you with “value added” expertise and knowledge. That person is “DIFLAV”.